Corporate Corporate Architecture

Our approach to patient care and treatment is reflected in the architectural design of our new hospital. 

Algorithms and methods utilized both in healthcare services and architectural flows in the hospital are designed in compliance with the 21st century’s developments and are at Northern American standards reflecting some first examples in Turkey and Europe. 


In compliance with the era’s trend, transparency is reflected with the utilization of glass as an interior design element with increased visibility while ensuring our patients’ privacy.

Dedication to research

 As our priority dedication to research is reflected in the architectural design via the location of laboratories which are at the heart of the hospital with highest possible visibility.

Territorial Integrity

In order to promote teamwork, and serve as a unified force; territorial barriers within the hospital are eliminated in both research areas and in clinical practices which can be considered as a revolutionary movement.

Architectural innovation

Specific architectural elements of the Ottoman period are combined with the contemporary interpretations. Architectural patterns are designed to maximize the quality of clinical and logistic flows in our healthcare services.

Our priorities in our clinical flows; transparency, dedication to research, territorial integrity and architectural innovation are also emphasized through the interior design of the hospital.